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The Basement Is Burning 12"
Ginkgobaum EP 12"
Can't Stop EP 12"
Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 4CD BOX/BOOK
Flangertrackx 003 12"
Stanzas Or The Law Of The Good Neighbour LP
Let The Church EP 12"
Online Entity 12"
No Stranger To Madness 2x12"
Tsiftetelli 1969/Ego Den Emai San Tous Beatles 7"
Children of the E Remixes 12"
Rojus (Designed To Dance) 2x12"
Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70's 2CD
Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70's Part 1 2LP
Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70's Part 2 2LP
Freundchen Remixes 12"
Secret Weapons Part 2 12"
Sang Des Betes/Affaire Des Rats 12"
Petites Madeleines LP
Grosses Wasser LP
Unkapitulierbar LP+CD
Water Bomb/Cold New Worlds 12"
Hip Harp / On A Minor Groove 2LP
Midnite Spares LP
Contour & Shape 12"
Sequel 2LP
Live & Loud CD
Cranked Up Really High CD
Faust LP
Slights Still Unspoken (1978-1979) CD
Slights Still Unspoken (1978-1979) LP
L'oiseau de Nuit EP 12"
Stack Music LP
Dunden Bugune LP
Ersen 2 - Omur Biter Yollar Bitmez LP
Synthetic Space LP
The Loa Of Music (The Complete Sessions) 2LP
The Crazy Rhythms Of Mata Hari 2LP
DJ Olive/JP Dessy/David Nunez/Musiques Nouvelles 2CD
Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru/Gold From Wax 2LP
Hollywood Medieval (2017 Edition) LP
Anguilla Electrica 2LP
The Dragon Flies Away LP
Remember Terry LP